Warranty and Product Care


a) Wood & Leather Grain: Color and grain variations, including pitting, imperfections and distressing, are natural characteristics of fine wood and leather and mark the unique individuality of each piece. Therefore, items on display with the retailer may vary slightly from the delivered merchandise, and as such, do not render the merchandise defective. Because solid wood expands and contracts with changes in temperature and humidity, the manufacturer will not replace any wood merchandise that has a slight gap in the center, corners or at the edges where two table halves meet. This separation is normal and will occur in wood products. Direct sunlight can damage furniture. Steady, prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause fading or create hairline cracks in wood furniture. Wood furniture should be kept away from open windows or heating and air conditioning sources, as close proximity can adversely affect the moisture content of wood furniture. Do not allow synthetics, rubber, or plastics to rest on wood furniture for prolonged periods of time as they may contain chemicals that can damage wood finishes. The manufacturer represents and warrants that upholstered leather products have been upholstered in 100% leather. Leather coverings are warranted against tearing, splitting and seam slippage. The coverings warranty does not cover fading or stains from spills such as acids, solvents, dyes, ink, paint or other corrosive chemicals or bodily fluids. The manufacturer voids its cushion and covering warranty if non-authorized after-market soil or leather protection or non-fabric mill and/or leather tannery chemical is applied.

b) Fabrics: Dramatic color variations are inherent irregularities that are part of the character of stone washed denim and other washed fabrics. Washed fabrics, plisse', seersuckers and matelassé’s are naturally wrinkled and puckered. There may also be pattern shifts and variations in the alignment and repetition of patterns on upholstered merchandise. Large slubs and knots occur naturally in linen, linen blends and linen like fabrics and are part of their beauty and charm.

c) Marble Tops: Marble is a natural product, each with its own unique characteristics. No two pieces of marble are identical in color, texture or pattern. Some pieces may be filled with an epoxy resin directly from the quarry manufacturer in order to enhance appearance.

d) Mattress Bedding: The manufacturer provides a "Non-Prorated Warranty" and/or "Prorated Warranty". The terms and conditions of the respective warranties are affixed to the merchandise near the warranty code on the "law tag." The purchaser may request specific details of the respective warranties from any sales associate prior to the time of purchase, which shall be the exclusive remedies available to the purchaser.

Limited Warranty Guide

Product Care Guide

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